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Artificial grass maintenance Southampton and local Hampshire.

Clean and Inviting Artificial Grass Areas For You and Your Pets

Artificial Grass Revive understands the importance of creating a pet-friendly environment for our valued customers in Southampton and local Hampshire.

Our expert team has developed a specialised approach to effectively eliminate pet odours from artificial lawns. We utilise eco-friendly and pet-safe products specifically designed to neutralise and eradicate odours at their source.

Our pet odour elimination process begins with a thorough cleaning of the artificial grass to remove any urine residue and debris. Next, we apply our specially formulated, non-toxic deodorising agents, which penetrate the grass fibres, ensuring that any lingering odours are neutralised. Our proven techniques effectively break down odour-causing compounds, leaving your lawn fresh and odour-free for both you and your furry friends to enjoy.

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